What is sublimewe?

Singing Bowl

sublimewe is an experiential learning process of the me-we, the one-many. Who we are as individuals is most alive and fully experienced through reflection and connection with self and others. The purpose is to co-create a profound experience of self and group connectedness, which integrates as a natural way of being throughout life. It’s about having an authentic experience of being held in circle. Everything that arises in you is important. What you wish to express is valuable. You are supported in being fully you.

This is a call to anyone who aligns their life’s purpose around a shared vision to live in a world that works for everyone. It is for cultural creatives, change-makers, and seekers of authentic living focused on the embodiment of their unique gifts to activate a magnificent team-work-play. We wish to embolden each others life purpose and activate support structures to fully live our dreams now. We practice the sustaining and fulfilling values of inner-connected interdependence.

Our approach is informed by the sublimewe framework and process which is an interdisciplinary synthesis of current exemplary cultures and ancient knowledge systems. The building blocks are life-principles or self-evident truths which move us toward widespread well-being in the inner-personal, interpersonal, and for the whole. The sublimewe model is based on the integration of 5 elements of an individual correlating with 5 elements of the collective as an interconnected continuum.

By participating in experiential (un)learning we activate the living of peer-to-peer orientation, mutual facilitation, and establishing a common conscious language. The intended outcomes are:

  • Clarity and alignment around our gifts, life purpose, and world vision
  • Establishing new, and/or building existing relationships to support us in living our lives fully
  • Deepening our experience of self and authentic relatedness through empathic inquiry as a practice of curiosity and appreciation.

We desire to live in a world where each person is fully present to their inner-connection, breath and speech, their intellect, emotional skillfulness, and their body wisdom in the “me”, “us”, and the “we”. We invite you to bring your self to a week-long process of connection and compassion where you matter.