Who are we?

Jake and Isabelle Wolf Lawy

Isabelle Wolf Lawy Jake Wolf Lawy Jake and Isabelle Wolf Lawy are a husband and wife team who have been co-facilitating and co-developing sublimewe spaces for more than 7 years as parts of a transnational group of co-developers. Having held more than 12, 8 days intensives and 7, 6 month co-living spaces over the period we bring a depth of experience and embodiment of the culture of gifting we invite others into.

Julyan Davey

Julyan Davey

Bringing his own in depth background as an experienced facilitator to the table Julyan has joined the ‘crew’ over the past year bringing his own unique gifts and insights to bear with a focus on Transformational Culture, Self-Responsibility and the importance of grief.


Having met during full time volunteering for XR within the Conflict Resilience team intiated bringing the restorative circles approach to conflict into XR ‒ we are now a formidle trio ‒ commitment to spaces that integrate personal, cultural and systemic transformation and sowing the seeds of a regenerative culture of the future.